for every pair of Sunnies sold -- 

10% of net proceeds are donated towards a better future

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Why We Give

We didn't just want to sell fashion forward sunglasses, but to contribute to a bigger picture in the world. This led us to partner up with Women's Microfinance Initiative (WMI), a leading microfinance organization with the goal of providing access to credit for disenfranchised women in rural areas of East Africa. 

Why Is Microfinance Needed For Women?

6 out of the world's 10 poorest people are women but with minimal assistance and a bit of guidance, these impoverished women become thriving entrepreneurs. They in turn adopt healthier lifestyles for not only themselves but their families and generations to come. 

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Is This Method Effective?

WMI has given out more than 8,000 loans since 2007 and with close to a 100% repayment rate, 95% of the business are still in operation! WMI operates a "Transition to Independent Banking" program in which rural women are given business loans in a highly structured environment. Borrows are placed in 20 member solidarity groups that cross-guarantee each other's loans. In addition, they receive business training, peer mentoring, technical support, on-site follow up and on-going access to resources. WMI works with each borrower to prepare a business and marking plan which provides a basic roadmap for the borrower to reach her economic goal. With over $3.5M loans issued, over 3,300 borrows have now graduated to conventional banking or are now financing their own working capital! 

Creating A Lasting Impact

By providing training/education, support and credit in areas with limited-to-no banking services, WMI promotes women's economic participation in poor, rural areas of Eastern Africa. In addition to income generation, borrowers accumulate assets, improve household living standards, and spur local economic development by hiring employees and creating community wealth.